Argentine Tango USA Stage Champion 2013-2011.

Marcelo Molina is an Argentine Tango performer, choreographer and instructor of all levels with over 15 years of experience. He has been residing in Fresno, California since 2011, where he helps expand the Tango community.

Born and raised in Córdoba, Argentina, he began his dance studies in 1997 joining the artistic dance company "Sangre Latina" where he studied and developed different dances such as; Caribbean rhythms, Folklore, Latin-American and especially Argentine Tango.

He toured to different countries like Cuba, Italy and across Argentina forming part of the show "Viaje por El Mundo" and after participated in "Tango in Broadway" show, a complete Argentine Tango spectacle; which took place in "Calle Corrientes" of Buenos Aires with the participation of renowned singer Ruben Juarez, who was one of the most important Tango singers in the last decades.

Marcelo continued to improve his tango dance technique in Buenos Aires where he formed part of the tango dance cast "El Viejo Almacén", one of the most ancient and prestigious Tango houses located in historic San Telmo, Buenos Aires.

In 2008 he won the Argentine Tango Córdoba City Championship, a branch of the World Tango Championship. Since then, he began his tours in the USA giving classes and exhibitions of Argentine Tango. He also took part in the "Golden Tango Spectacle" touring in Bolivia in 2010.

Marcelo Molina recently Champion of the Arg. Tango USA Championship  2013 Stage Category also won 1st place in the Stage Category at the first Argentine Tango Championship USA 2011 with his partner Carolina Vázquez. In Addition to his talented partner, he has been performing and collaborating in different events with other US Argentine Tango dancers. 

Currently, he teaches at Dianna's Studio of Dance in Fresno, California and collaborates as a guest instructor in different Tango studios such as, Tango with Colette in San Diego, MakelaTango in Los Angeles, Tango by the River in Sacramento., etc.